We at Movatik believe in giving back to local trail builders and the communities they serve. Let's be honest, without their constant hard work, dedication and creativity, most of our trails would be run down and boring. Together we can make a difference and at zero extra cost to you, just use the unique code of the organization you want to support and done!


How Does It Work

  • Each Non-Profit Organization has a unique code.
  • Each time the organization's unique code is entered during checkout, 5% of that sale (Pre -Tax) will be earmarked for donation back to said organization.
  • Done!

How to get Set up for a unique code?

If your trail building or cycling organization is established as a 501(c), we invite you to contact us to be set up and start earning donations for your club!

  • Contact Support@movatik.com to request an organization specific code.

  • Provide proof of non-profit status

  • Share your code with your community

Want to support great causes?

Here is a list of all our current partners


Unique Code
Markham Park Trail Building Fund
Sunrise, FL.



Thank You For Helping Us Make a Difference in The Cycling Community!