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About Us

Located in Miami,FL. We are a group of lucky individuals who get to work in an industry we are passionate about. We thrive in riding, racing and volunteering in our local trails.


Why Movatik?

Because we look for the same shopping experience as you do, our goal is to offer the products we personally use and have experience about and, to deliver it to you as fast as we can.  

Our Services 

  • Customer Experience
    We thrive at customer experience and we'll do everything we can to make sure you have a great experience prior, during and after your purchases.

  • Fast Shipping
    Our obligation is to ship every order as fast as we can, we try to upgrade shipping whenever possible because your experience mean everything to us.

  • Lowest Prices
    We offer the lowest prices available to help you enjoy your favorite sport without breaking the bank, found a lower price somewhere else? We will match it!


Meet the Movatik Team

Pedro G.
Manager | FBA Fulfillment
Dany A.
Analyst | Catalog Team
Ninoska M.
Purchasing Manager
Oscar M.
Developer | Development Team
Ryan L.
Manager | Customer Experience
Arlynn M.
Amazon Marketplace Account Manager
Ingrid B.
Accounts Payable | Accounting
Gabriel M.
Assistant Manager | FBA Fulfillment
Luis C.
Specialist | FBA Fulfillment
Jesus E.
Specialist | FBA Fulfillment
Diego D.
Analyst | Catalog Team
Luis J.
Sr. Specialist | Fulfillment Team
Eli G.
Manager | Fulfillment Team
Reniel S.
Specialist | Fulfillment Team
Federico D.
Director | Business Development
Carlos F.
Sr. Analyst | Purchasing Team
Carlos A.
Analyst | Purchasing Team
Ricardo M.
Sr. Analyst | Purchasing Team
Jose O.
Manager | Development Team
Alexis A.
Manager | Catalog Team
Felix R.
Manager | Catalog Team

 Mercedes F.

Analyst | Purchasing Team