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Comfortable MTB shoe

At first didnt thought it would be nice and comfy. Not just comfy but good build and quality materials too for 2/3 of the price compared to its competitor.

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bicycle, 2 bikes - Tilting Hitch Rack
Get yourself a nice rack!

This is my first bike rack, and I am very pleased with it. The rack is heavy duty, high quality, very functional, and has a beautiful finish. I picked up the grey/orange color scheme, and it looks great on my bronze-colored 2017 Subaru Forester. My bike stays very secure on the rack while traveling surface streets and highways. So much easier and cleaner than tossing my bike in the back of the car. I also love the tilting feature for quick and easy access to the tailgate. One thing I noticed is that the bike rack does slightly tilt side to side in the hitch, causing it to appear off-center on the car (depending on how it is positioned when the knob is tightened). However, this is easy to fix by adjusting the tilt of the rack to your liking and tightening the knob. Fast shipping and great customer service from Movatik!

Brooks England Swift
Albert Manuell
Brooks swift saddle

Beautiful. The leather are nice. A little stiff but still comfortable. Would be even more comfortable after a couple hundred miles of riding. Like what I said it is comfy on your behind even when it is new. I would definitely recommend it.

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bicycle, 2 bikes - Tilting Hitch Rack
Lucian Dumitru
Bike rack with tilt

Well built, easy to mount on the hitch with no tools. Main feature I bought this replacement model for is the tilt feature while loaded. The only feature I'm little worried is the front wheel hook is holding the bike over the front wheel brake(i have pads brakes). Also slightly lighter than the previous model

Loving The New Lid

I wanted something that was good, reliable, well reviewed (peer and professional) at a decent price. Enter the Giro Fixture MIPS - so comfortable. I sweat a lot riding in the heat and love how this helmet kinda mops it up in the front padding rather than letting it run into my eyes. Service from Movatik was easy, awesome and the packaged arrived ahead of schedule. So good.

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bicycle, 2 bikes - Tilting Hitch Rack
Very pleased with product and service!

This is really more a review of Movatik than the Kuat Sherpa 2.0. So far, I'm very happy with the rack but haven't had the chance to use it much. But I can say it seems like a very solid quality rack. Assembly did take a while, but I was taking my time and trying to do it right. Directions were a little confusing (like sometimes the illustrations weren't clear which way something was supposed to line up or which part it was, etc.) . Like others have said, the box serves as kind of an assembly stand, so don't just pull everything out of the box and lay it out. Open box, and look at directions first to see how to proceed. Eventually it came together, and it is rock solid. When mounted to the hitch receiver, it really feels like part of the car - you can grab the rack and push and pull it and the car will move, it is that solid. No wobble or wiggle at all. Easy to put the bike on/off and secure, and tilt the hitch out of the way of the hatchback. Overall, just what I wanted; as long as it holds up I should be very pleased.

As far as the purchase with Movatik, couldn't be happier. I'd been watching for deals on this rack for months but in no big hurry. Seemed like about $550 was the best price I could find, even on Amazon, but I wanted to go with a smaller "mom and pop" shop if I could. Lots of places had it priced for around $550 with free shipping, and they'd say 10% or 15% discount if sign up for emails or whatever. So I'd do that, and then try and buy this rack, and I'd get "sorry, discount not applicable to this item." ?! So I kept looking, And then prices were going up on Amazon to like $570-$580, and I was like "crap, guess I should have grabbed it at $550". Then I was googling prices again one night and came across Movatik, which I don't think had come up in my searches before. The Sherpa 2.0 was listed for $550, free shipping, and automatic 10% discount, I don't think I even had to sign up for anything. So I grabbed it, $500 straight up, free shipping. Ordered on a Monday, it shipped from FL and was delivered to me in San Diego Saturday. Pretty dang good to get this great deal, and a big package shipped free across country in five days. Highly recommend!

Improved Riding Experience

MOVATIK did an excellent job with tech support before I ordered these shoes. I received my order in two days in southern Indiana. I hate ordering shoes online because not all shoes are made the same. So I ordered an 11 and 11.5. I normally wear size 11 in basketball or casual shoes, and size 11.5 in running shoes and some hiking shoes. The 11.5 size was perfect! I sold the 11 size instead of returning them. The grip really improved the quality of riding my Haro mountain bike. Be sure to break them in a little on easier trails. I made the mistake of hitting the intermediate trails first because the shoes boosted my confidence that much! My feet were starting to hurt a little which made the ride less comfortable after 7 miles on the trail. The second trip out with the shoes was much better. Great shoes and great service!

Thule snack tray for Urban Glide 2 Stroller

I purchased this item as an accessory for the stroller we bought for our daughter and her husband’s 1st baby. She picked the stroller and had not requested this snack tray item so I added it as a surprise purchase. Hope they feel it is worth keeping.

Jorge G

I've had this shoes for several months now. I love them. They grip is really good with my Origin8 pedals. These shoes are way better than my skateboarding shoes I was using before. Been my first pair of shoes, l can't compare the grip with the fiveten brand. I did try both before buying and I liked the RC because it fitted better to my foot. I ride mostly green and blue trails with an occasionally black trails. For my type of riding, these shoes are perfect. I didn't really believed that a mtb shoe could improve my riding. And it's true. I highly recommend them. You'll ride with
less fatigue and with a safer shoe to protect your feet when things get ugly.

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bicycle, 2 bikes - Tilting Hitch Rack
Steven Hanson
Lighten The Install!

For years we used the Thule T2 and for our age it was just getting too heavy! This platform rack is so much lighter in weight and has a much more solid connection to our RX350 SUV! Bicycles are locked in and do not move! Rear tire hold down straps are much easier to use. Only used it a couple times now so cannot talk to its longevity? Construction engineering are top notch so I would expect it will last a long time! Only wish I could have got the Pearl White color to match our SUV but not available. Black finish is beautiful! $50 off from Movatik!

EVOC Tailgate Pad Duo
Beecher Eurich
Great product so far. Really easy to put in and off the tailgate.

Really like how it attaches to the tailgate. And how secure the bike was even on the bumpers of roads.

Lumos Charging Cable
Timothy Jacobs
Great cable!

It does what it's supposed to do - charge my helmet and turn signals. Great cable!

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bicycle, 2 bikes - Tilting Hitch Rack
Meg Lyons
Excellent bike rack! Totally thrilled

I looked at lots of bike racks. I read reviews I looked at specs. Weight. Ease of operation. Safest, lightest, everything. There was no other choice for me. This rack does all it says it does. Quality made. Easy to install. Easy to use. 32lbs! Light when compared to others. It even has a docking station offered by Kuat to set up in garage so out of way when not on the car. Yep, got that too. You really will not be disappointed. Best of the best and more room to add travel National park etc stickers to the back of my car now too!

Skyway Tuff Ii 20 5 Spoke Freewheel 110
J Chrum

It was all good. What I needed and came quick. And you know Skyway mags are the best in the biz.

Ride100 Teratec Knee Guard
Gerardo Barrueta
Excelente servicio

Probé muchas rodilleras antes de encontrar las más cómodas ! Las recomiendo ! No se sienten ! Molestan ! Es como si no las cargaras !!

Great Shoe

We bought these shoes for my 84 year old father who still road bikes but was getting concerned about falling when walking in the current bike shoes due to the outward protruding cleat. These shoes are so comfortable to walk in and cycle. The size is true to fit. Movatik was amazing to work with, probably one of the best online experiences I've ever had.

Great shoes. Comfortable with good protection. I wish the rubber was a bit softer though. Seems to fit true on length. The sides seemed very narrow at first but have since loosened up.

Dope customer service!

I'm liking the gloves over my older i-sevens and fox ranger. They have a very comfortable and breathable top mesh. It feels like it hugs and wraps nicely, you forget you have gloves on. The best part is that I could use my phone's touch screen without any issue. The gloves are grippy enough, not bulky. I don't like padding on my palm side, so these minimalist gloves work best for me. . I would buy 100% gloves again.

Great Company with great products!!

The chain is great. The BLACK color looks great with the oil slick lock. which helps track when lubing the chain.
The xx1 SRAM product as expected performs great. This chain should last me a could while. my last chain was good for about 2 years. I do maintain my bike constantly. CHEERS!

Fit my helmet perfectly

Had the visor in stock, quick shipping, very pleased

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bicycle, 2 bikes - Tilting Hitch Rack
Tonia B
Great rack!

Love this bike rack! So fast and easy to load and secure the bikes.

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bicycle, 2 bikes - Tilting Hitch Rack
Tracey Hines
The end cap broke while installing the rack

I have not gotten to use mine, but I do have a friend who has this model. I love the bike rack, but you have to be careful when tightening the end cap. This appears to be a manufacturer defect though as it snapped in half while installing the rack. I am hoping the manufacturer will replace the item.

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bicycle, 2 bikes - Tilting Hitch Rack
Very stable, quick bike hitch

Makes it a lot easier to load 2 bikes. Very stable during driving and on highways.

5 Star

Fast shipping and the best price anywhere. What more can you ask for? This bike bag is hands down the best money can buy to protect your ride. I have a size large Specialized Epic and a large Specialized Stumpy evo. Both fit no problem
Thank you!!

Good shoe...The midfoot was super tight and I had to cut.the support on both sides of each shoe. The shoe looks great, and the grip is solid. I'd recommend these shoes for sure 👍