Oakley Jawbreaker Premium Bib

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Co-engineered with Bioracer Speedwear, Oakley's newest Jawbreaker Premium Bib Short is purposely designed to make you faster on the road by cutting down on speed-robbing drag and providing a supportive, muscle-hugging fit. In case you're unaware, Bioracer Speedware creates custom cycling apparel for cycling teams and Oakley used this customization to fine-tune all the details and fabrics into two collections, one being their Premium series and the other being a slightly less expensive Road series. As such, the Jawbreaker Premium Bib Short adheres to the stated principles of this collection, maximizing speed at all costs with its aerodynamic side panels with laser-cut leg openings for a secure, second-skin like fit. Supportive upper bibs stabilize this short in place while pulling moisture off your skin to promote a pleasantly cool, dry feel. The bottoms employ a highly resilient fabric with greater stretch and muscle stabilization, due to its higher content of nylon and elastane. Both of these fabrics sit alongside Oakley's SmoothVapor chamois for plush support, but without being overly bulky or sacrificing your range of motion.

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